Real Full Body Sensual Massage





sen·su·al ˈsenSHo͞oəl

/ adjective

of or arousing gratification of the senses and physical pleasure.

Its a word often featured prominently in massage advertisements....but have you ever truly encountered the touted sensuality in a body rub session?

What I mean is have you ever called a phone a number off of the internet and actually found yourself transported to a place where your senses of sight, smell, touch and sound were heightened, expanded and satisfied?

You know practitioners of true sensuality exist but you do not know where or how to find them....but you've been waiting for it, wanting it all along.

You've just found me.

Now, close your eyes, quiet your mind, take several deep breaths and let yourself drift beyond traffic, honey do lists, customers, assignments, obligations and the stresses of your life.

Imagine walking into a room dark and illuminated by the glow of the warm, pure white light candles, the space warmed to a perfect 72 degrees.  Your sense of sound piqued but not overpowered by music you've never heard before but find drawing you further in the mood of the scene.

I greet you and take your coat, my soothing voice inviting you to decompress and relax - you were apprehensive when you knocked at the door but you know at once that you're in very good hands.  You are safe. 

Just beyond the silk covering my shoulder you see the crisp inviting linens where you will lay for the next forty-five minutes entranced under the spell of my hands.

You are ready to begin your journey to ecstasy through my touch....


Mikki Moon

Puerto Rican + Filipino

32 Years

5'6,  Curvy, Athletic Build & A Warm Smile!

curves for the ultimate bodyslide experience




When I am not traveling I am available at my private residential studio in the Boston area








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Etiquette & FAQ


Office, Hotel or Residence?

My Boston studio is located in my upscale private residence.  When I travel I stay in well-appointed hotel suites & apartments that are conveniently located for my guests.  I am a discreet and mature individual.  Visiting me at my home or hotel will not be an uncomfortable experience.

Can I Touch You?

This is a Goddess FBSM experience - I love to be admired, touched and adored. 

But this is not an "escort" or "full service" experience. Come to me when you just want to relax want to be pampered.  Know your role as the receiver.



Are your body rubs draped or undraped

Answer:   Undraped....and I am nude.  This is a SAFE, sensual experience and one that involves body-to-body warmth. This experience is about the compassion and comfort that is extended from one human being to another through touch.

I have a skin condition, will you see me?


Answer:   NO!   I am very sorry but if you have any existing skin condition including psoriasis, lesions, extreme body acne or any other condition which causes broken skin or shedding skin I cannot see you.  The slide includes full body-to-body contact and I cannot come into contact with any possible  infection or blood that may exist on broken skin.  I want you to feel safe and cared for but  I will ask you to leave if you arrive with broken or inflamed skin so please do not put either of us in this position.


I am an older gentleman, will you see me?


Answer:   Yes!   Do not worry on this.  If you have concerns about condition or medication related erectile dysfunction - in my hands is exactly where you should be.  I find that even under the most "complicated" of circumstances when a man is truly relaxed and feels no pressure that is when any circulatory or nerve issues are lessened and sensitivity is heightened.  I will take care of you.  I am not available for sessions with anyone under the age of 25. 


Please do not write reviews on public forums.  If there are markers to my location and personal comments about how I interact with guests how can I be my naturally feminine authentic self?  Most importantly how can I remain safe

If you would like for me to remain your beautiful place of private respite you must protect me - public comments online no matter how positive compromise the security of my location as well as my privacy and yours!   If you must share information about me please do so through private communications with the care and consideration I will give you during your service. 


Why Haven't You Responded?

I do not respond to email regarding other practitioners, contact from VoIP numbers i.e. Google Voice (unless it is accompanied by additional information) or vulgarity.I'm very careful about who I expose myself to physically.  I am equally careful about who I share myself with spiritually.

I try  return all points of contact that I feel are safe to so do.    I do not engage in antagonistic or negative energy exchanges and I avoid petty electronic back-and-forth all costs.  It isn't personal.  If I am not responsive to your contact it simply isn't meant to be.